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Hessonite garnet or "Gomed" in Sanskrit & Hindi is the Jyotish gem related to Rahu Moon's ascending node, which is mainly an elemental and instinctual entity. When badly positioned, this "shadow planet" is characterized by insatiable worldly recognitions and desires together with sense gratification. Filed Under: Navratna Gemstones नवग्रह नवरत्न Tagged With: garnet, garnet gem, garnet in hindi, garnet natural, garnet stone, garnet stone color, garnet stones, garnets, gem garnet, gomed, gomed in hindi, hessonite garnet, natural garnet gemstone, rahu ka gemstone, what is garnet stone. जानिए गोमेद रत्न के फायदे और नुकसान! Janiye Gomed ratna ke fayde aur nuksan – Know about Benefits of Hessonite Gemstone in Hindi. Garnet is known for its various color types. Red one is the most famous and there are purple, green, and orange, too. The meaning and the effect will change by its color, so choose the one you need. Price and availability will change by the color. Hessonite is a kind of Orange Garnet, and it is very rare. Gomedh / Hessonite Stone in different carats. Ratna Vedic Gemstones » Natural Jyotish Gemstones » Hessonite Garnet Stone Ceylon Gomed Bringing you premium range of Hessonite gemstones sourced from Ceylon which only give you beneficial effect of planet Rahu and suit all regardless of the wearer’s birth chart or sun sign.

Benefits of a Hessonite: The uniform cow urine colored Gomed neutralizes the evil effect of Vedic planet Rahu and protects the wearer from the negative vibes & energies.This gemstone provides professional progress and enhances one’s social & financial status. Hessonite Garnet Value, Price, and Jewelry Information Home » Gemstones » Hessonite Garnet Value, Price, and Jewelry Information. In contemporary Navaratna nine-gem jewelry settings of Hindu and other traditions, hessonite frequently represents Rahu, the ascending lunar node. Hessonite garnet ranges in color from honey-yellow to orange-brown and brown-red. One of the distinguishing characteristics of hessonite is a "treacly" quality - when viewed under magnification one can see undulating, contorted areas of lesser transparency.

Buy Certified Gomed Ratan Hessonite Garnet GemStone Online at Best Price in India from best gemstone store in India. Check out for Gomed Ratan prices, values, costs, and benefits Hessonite Garnet for sale in India. Ratna Jyoti: Benefits of Hessonite Garnet / Gomed. Hessonite or Gomed Hindi is a honey colored Calcium Aluminium Silicate having an important place in the Hindu scriptures. This stone is believed to be ruled by the Vedic planet ‘Rahu’. Hessonite gets its. Buy Certified Hessonite Garnet Gemstone online at best price from AIA Gemstones. The Hessonite Gemstone is said to have an important place in Hindi scriptures to protect the wearer of the gemstone from all evils and negativity. It is best suited for hose born in the month of January. Buy Natural Hessonite Online,Buy Natural Hessonite Gemstone Online in India, hessonite gemstone price,gomedh gemstone price. Top quality flawless Sri Lankan Hessonite Gemstones. 12/01/2015 · A Hessonite Stone in Hindi is also called a gomed. The Hessonite is a semi-precious gemstone that is known widely for its various benefits. The wonderful news is that one can avail all the information on the Hessonite in Tamil. The price of the Hessonite Stone in Tamil is available online.

Hessonite gemstone, Rahu's Gemstone Gomed or Hessonite, Hessonite Birthstone, Know your Gemstone Hessonite, Hessonite gemstone of Rahu, Complete Guide of Hessonite gemstone, Hessonite Gomedha Astrology Benefit, Hessonite Garnet Gemstone, Hessonite Beads, Semi Precious Hessonite gemstone, Jyotish Hessonite Gomed, Custom Hessonite Gemstone, Cheap. Hessonite garnet gemstone or gomed gemstone enjoys widespread popularity due to their value as a precious stone. Often used in ornaments and jewelry, it is Color Change Garnet Gemology Gemstones Gomedh Stone Hessonite. What Is Color Change Garnet Gemstone? hessoniteorg February 9,. 14/07/2016 · It is said about the hessonite gemstone that wearing it will bring instant wealth, health, help one to overcome serious diseases and relieve from mental conflicts. The reason why hessonite stone or gomed stone in Hindi helps a person to overcome rahu dasha is that this stone consumes the cosmic rays emitted by the potent planet rahu.

01/12/2019 · The Hessonite Garnet Stone is also called as “Gomed” stone in Hindi. As per regional differences it is also called as Gomedh or “Gomedak” in Sanskrit. In certain parts of India it is also referred to as “Gomedhikam”. A Jyotish Quality Gomed Gemstone is filled with the energies of the. Hessonite is grossular type of garnet stone and it differs in chemical composition from other garnet. Garnets are available in many colors like yellow, pink, violet, red, orange, black, and colorless. Hessonite is a garnet family stone but it is different in chemical composition. It is found in cinnamon color, Brown red color, brown and red color. Hessonite is also known as Gomeda, Gomedha or Gomedhaka in Hindi. It is also known as the cinnamon stone. Among the metaphysical properties of Hessonite the sparking of creativity, desire to do justice to one’s abilities without losing touch with reality and dropping all unnecessary emotional baggage stand out particularly. गोमेद के उपरत्न The sub-gemstones of Gomed / Hessonite गोमेद रत्न जो धारण नहीं कर सकते वह चाहें तो इसका उपरत्न पहन सकते हैं. Hessonite or garnet stone also dubbed as “gomed” stone in Hindi is a stone of true passion and creativity. The honey-yellow color gemstone is referred View More Healing Properties Of Hessonite Gomed Gemstone.

Hessonite is a gem quality variety of grossularite grossular garnet, the calcium-aluminum silicate member of the garnet species. While most varieties of grossularite are green, hessonite is known for its characteristic honey-yellow to brown-red 'cinnamon' color, though it can occur in other colors as well. The Hessonite or garnet stone contains the strong metaphysical properties and its aid in resolving many serious health issues which are being caused due to malicious Rahu. The health issues like trauma, mental illness, sexual problems, kidney problems, and metabolism problems are being sorted out by wearing Hessonite or garnet stone. • HESSONITE GARNET GOMED is the stone of planet “RAHU”, the dragon’s head. In Indian astrology, RAHU is said to be a shadow planet. He is the son of “SINHIKA” the daughter of “HIRNYAKASHYAPU”. Hessonite is usually in Honey colored and yellow-orange color. This stone contains low density and hardness compare other types of garnet. According to astrology, Hessonite is also known as “Gomed”. A pure hessonite neutralizes the bad effects of Rahu and it is beneficial for all time. According to Hindu belief, the Hessonite is a representation of the energy of the North Node, the antigod Rahu, on earth. The antigod Rahu, physically manifests as the solar eclipse, and is considered to be the outsider and rule-breaker of the Hindu pantheon and the god of foreigners, criminals and outcasts.

  1. About Hessonite Garnet Gomed Stone. Hessonite Garnet is called as Gomed stone in Hindi, Hessonite is the more common variety of Grossular Garnet which is a member of the Garnet Group of minerals that includes Almandine, Andradite, Grossular, Pyrope, Spessartine and Uvarovite.
  2. Hessonite gemstone Gomed in Hindi is the honey red color stone which resembles like cow urine for the sake of that saints and sages has said this stone in Hindi as “Gomedh” means cow urine. The stone Hessonite absorbs the maximum number of rays that is being reflected or emitted by Rahu.

10% off on sulemani hakik 10% off on sulemani hakik; flat 17% off on ruby stone flat 17% off on ruby stone. Apart from this, the honey color hessonite stone also enacts being an excellent healing gemstone which aids in curing many serious diseases and improve mental health. So let’s have a glance at the list of the healing properties of hessonite gemstone. Purification and detoxification of the body.

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